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Note:  We don’t have a personal photograph and at times are intentionally vague for security purposes.

“Rick” and “Kemi” and their two daughters have been working with Muslims and ex-Muslims for the past 9 years or so in SE Asia.  Four areas that we focus on are evangelism, pastoring, mobilizing and translation.

We are passionate about evangelism and less than 1 in 1,000 of the people group we are working with has ever heard the gospel before.  We are excited about everything that shares the Glory of Jesus and His amazing plan of how He makes sinners right with God – whether it is boldly proclaiming on a street corner or quietly sharing over a cup of coffee, while praying for the sick or casting out demons!

Pastoring this people group is huge as there are so many issues when coming from Islam and its complicated further by the persecution they have to face.  When they come out of Islam many lose their jobs, families, homes and social networks.  We can’t just stick them in a corner with a Bible as we don’t have a Bible for them!   

Jesus says, “The harvest is huge but the workers are few.  So ask the Lord of the Harvest to send workers out into His harvest field.” 

There’s nowhere near enough workers for pastoring OR evangelism amongst the peoples here.  The truth is, there is a large, local church made up of minority ethnic groups but for the most part, they want nothing to do with evangelism or pastoring the people group that we work with – it is against the law and they face serious consequences. 

We spend a great deal of our time trying to mobilize them as well-encouraging them to use their huge resources to reach this people group that is all around them but have never heard the gospel before.

There is not a “readable Bible” in the local language here and so we are committed to translating Luke, John, Acts and Romans.  By that time, it is our hope that some of the local believers will take over the translation and we can spend more time in evangelism.

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"Rick" and "Kemi"