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Craig & Beckie Snow

Craig and Beckie Snow are focused on growing in intimacy with God and loving others with compassionate actions. After leaving their job and career in Northern California, they joined Youth With A Mission in 1986. After serving for seven of their ten years with YWAM in East Asia, they joined Mercy Ships and served for ten years. Since 2006 the Snows have been serving individuals in the US and abroad who have been impacted by natural disasters. Several times over the years they have stayed behind to help local residents rebuild after these events either caused total loss or severe damage to their homes.

Five years ago, the Snow’s began a work in Appalachia serving local residents impacted not by a disaster caused by weather, but by poverty. They created an enterprise where they could teach young people practical construction skills along with mentoring them in their own personal development. The Snows feel that one of the most impactful ways to break the cycle of poverty that has its grip on this part of the US is to touch individuals by meeting a primal need, a job. This program has three essential components: practical experience, technical training and personal development. Projects are identified that focus on restoring abandoned buildings, creating affordable housing and other projects that benefit the community.

Craig & Beckie Snow