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posted by: Amie Youngren on 8/20/2014

Please pray for me to trust God to provide for the educational expenses for my two foster daughters. Homeschool is not an option legally. Public school is too risky. By faith we have enrolled in a private school. No scholarships are available at this time. The registration fee was $140 EACH and the monthly payments will be $215 EACH for 10 months beginning in Sept. We also will have the expense of uniforms and books that could be up to $200 EACH. I am grateful that there are no transportation fees, because it is only a 5 minute walk from our front door! Please pray for me to trust in HIM and HIS provision.
I will pray 75 people are praying.
Thank You
posted by: Amie on 6/5/2012

Thank you Mission Dispatch for 8 years of serving Ecuador! I love seeing this website. This makes us feel more connected to the whole. I hope to come share in person what God is doing in Ecuador summer of 2013. May the Lord continue to utilize this ministry to further His great name and glory. In Him, Amie Youngren
Amen! 161 people are praising.
thank you Mission Dispatch
posted by: Big Dan on 2/9/2012

Thanks for all the great work & support of our missionaries!
Amen! 176 people are praising.
new website
posted by: becky on 2/9/2012

Praise God for your new site
Amen! 163 people are praising.