Children of Utila - Honduras

Mission: Children of Utila exists to meet the basic needs of the children at Utila’s public school so they can get an education.

Vision: To maintain a library on the school grounds where our volunteers can build relationships and observe current needs. Our team reads stories in groups, reads one-on-one with a child, checks out books for home reading, teaches art projects that include vocabulary building in English, and provides a safe, supervised environment for the children to read, study, play games, and receive positive feedback in reading and vocabulary.

Partnering with volunteers and donors, we provide school and gym uniforms, school supplies, and teaching supplies for the classrooms. We discern needs from wants by getting to know the students and faculty through daily interaction.


  • Coordinate volunteer activity at school library.
  • Maintain relationships with teachers for needs assessment for classrooms and students.
  • Maintain regular library hours for students and teachers.
  • Collect school supplies from donors traveling to Utila.
  • Maintain Facebook page for current pictures of projects, donors, and children reading books.

To donate, please go to our secure, E-Giving site :

Jeanne Perkins, Co-Founder